Wedding Celebrant

Wedding celebrant

Are you looking for an intimate, customized and very romantic wedding?
A symbolic ceremony is the answer: our wedding celebrant can help you, arranging non-denominational celebrations or blessings.

Choosing a symbolic wedding you’ll have the possibility to tailor the ceremony on your wishes totally free of constraints, working together with your wedding celebrant to make you dream come true.
Since there are no legal requirements, this is the most flexible way to plan your marriage in a very simple way: choose the venue you like the most, tell us about you both and your love story, decide if you want  your family and friends to play a key role in the celebration and… a unique marriage is served!
Universal Life Church

The humanist wedding celebrant, certified by the Universal Life Church, will be at your side to give a personal twist to your ceremony: you can choose poems or masterpiece’s extracts to be read from someone of your party, you can write your own vows to say to your beloved and together we can define which are the most touching lyrics and songs that suit the ceremony style and represent you.

Don’t worry if this seems to be difficult, your wedding celebrant will help you finding the right words and elements to customize the celebration in a simple and stress-free way.

There are also some special options you can add to the ceremony, to seal your promises in front of your guests with a ritual: the most requested symbolic acts are the sand ceremony, the candles ceremony, the handfasting, the warmth of the rings, the wine ceremony, the rose ceremony and the tree planting. Simple rituals that give a magic allure to your ceremony: find yours!
We can perform in English, French, Spanish, German and any other language with the presence of an interpreter. In some cases, where the municipalities allows it, our wedding celebrant can held the civil ceremony by the town hall premises.
Contact us to start immediately your wedding ceremony planning process: enjoy the experience!