Legal Paperwork

If you want to get married abroad, there are some strict legalities and procedures to comply with to make your wedding legally valid either in Italy or in your country: each state has its own rules and they must be followed with respect of timing and order, we know it.
That’ why you don’t have to go crazy getting in touch with embassies, consulates and town halls or churches: we will do it for you!

We will be glad to assist you in managing all legal paperwork, letting you enjoy and experience your destination wedding in Italy without any stress.

There are some general rules that must be abided by couples who want to celebrate their wedding in Italy:

Civil wedding
It can be performed by the town halls or by few venues with a special license like historical palaces or villas facing the lake. Take a look to our venue section to find some!
Depending on the nationality of the spouses several documents are required to obtain an authorisation to perform the ceremony, generally called NULLA OSTA, which is issued by an Embassy or Consulate in Italy and in some cases has to be legalised by the prefecture. This document is to certify there are no impediments to the wedding. Some authorities requires the spouses to be present to the consulate signature and in case of a civil wedding, they must sign a document called Declaration of Intent to Marry usually 2-3 days before the ceremony by the town hall: in all these cases the couple should arrive in Italy some days before the marriage.

Catholic wedding
It is celebrated only by churches and requires more documentation to be registered in your native country: another Nulla Osta must be obtained by the Bishop and the couple should complete all the pre-cana paperwork according to their local church requirements. Ask your local priest how to do it. You can opt for a religious and civil wedding both or only for a catholic ceremony (to be planned only after getting legally married before, even in your country).

Protestant or other religious wedding
The Protestant ceremony is more flexible and allow bride and groom to choose the venue they like the most to set the wedding, since ministers are happy to move and perform wherever you prefer: we are able to provide pastors or any kind of confessions’ officiant to celebrate your marriage. It can be only a blessing or a legally binding wedding, depending on the confession (some have special agreements with the state).

Symbolic ceremony
It is the more flexible kind of ceremony that can be tailor made on you needs: there are no legal requirements and it can be performed in  lush gardens overlooking the stretch of the water, country houses on the Tuscan hills , beaches or in any other venue you are in love with! It gives you the possibility to arrange a unique wedding, also thanks to a customized Celebrant service Grace can provide: a close support to write your vows and to allow you living this wonderful experience in a very intimate way.

Since there are so many different legalities among countries that can be scaring or become a nightmare, don’t feel alone: contact us to avoid any mistake and to know the legal paperwork procedure valid for your country.