Elegant Villa on Lake Orta

Elegant Villa on the west side of Lake Orta, built in XVIII century and recently renovated.
It is located on a promontory directly facing the water and has a 20.000 mq park all around with a lot of flowers and plants that can make you feel living in a very special place.
Unique in this area, it can offer a wide salon for the Wedding Party that can cozily host up to 200 people.
Two beautiful terraces could be set up for the welcome cocktail and the dessert buffet.
You could appreciate the high standard of the venue and enjoy the peaceful silence of the sorroundings.

Type of venue: Elegant villa on Lake Orta
Ceremony: Symbolic, protestant and non-catholic religions
Reception: Aperitivo & dinner, both indoor and outdoor options
Capacity: Up to 200 for reception dining
Boat access: No
Accommodation: No