Grace Wedding In Italy

Dream Weddings are Made of Gracefulness.

When it comes to Wedding in Italy, there are brides and grooms who associate this dream with the word Gracefulness.

And I agree with them. Do you?

Moreover, transforming this dream of gracefulness into a real event has become my mission, that I want to share with you, wherever you are in the world.


Meet Grace

I am Grazia, all my clients call me Grace.

Grace is synonymous with beauty, elegance, gracefulness.

So, what does it mean to create a destination wedding made of gracefulness?

To me it means finding an enchanting venue full of magic, creating an intimate boutique wedding, setting up a ceremony and a reception with elegance and style.

Organizing each step of the process with professionalism and punctuality.

Wedding Planner Italy

Boutique Wedding in Italy

What are my pillars for a perfect Boutique Wedding in Italy?

Italian Style means Excellence and High Standards of Service, so once selected one among the Most Romantic Venues in the Italian Northern Lakes and providing an excellent team of qualified Vendors, you will enjoy a cozy Reception with your beloved ones.


How can you feel safe and certain that you have chosen the right solution for your Boutique Wedding in Italy?

Just make sure you are secured with all of these points:

Full planning from A to Z
Venue scouting service with full knowledge of the region
Selection and coordination of pre-selected suppliers
Dedicated assistance through scheduled video calls
Coordination of the wedding day with experienced staff members
Organization process with a professional event management software


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