Why an unplugged ceremony is better than a wedding 2.0 – and how to tell your guests it is

Why an unplugged ceremony is better than a wedding 2.0 – and how to tell your guests it is

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There’s no unplugged ceremony without three P’s: privacy, participation and professionalism.

What is more private than the exchange of love vows between a man and a woman? Nothing, so let your ceremony be unplugged!

This is one of the most important part of a wedding and being an officiant too I perfectly know how much bride-and-groom-to-be are touched when writing down their personal vows: it often happen that when the moment to pronounce them comes, they are so moved that cry.

It is a very intimate instant to be preserved and remembered in life.

Over the last 10 years, technology has improved so much that it is now extremely easy for everyone to take high quality photos and upload them on the web in few seconds.

But it’s not always a good idea: everyone should respect others’ privacy because from a legal point of view, we are not allowed to post people’s faces without their authorization.

Second reason is that a couple wants to celebrate and enjoy this with family & friends attending the event – not with anyone connected on social medias – and put the focus on what is happening in that place, in that precise moment, involving only people there. It’s the essence of a community.

Then you shouldn’t forget that skilled professional photographers and videomakers have been hired to catch every single detail of the day, that is not smartphones or iPads raising over heads or peeking out the aisle!

To avoid guests playing with their devices during your unplugged ceremony you must have a strategy.

My suggestion is to be honest and clear: explain them your reasons, this will be fully appreciated.

You can tell them in advance it will be a special wedding with a limited unplugged part, so that they are aware this won’t be the rule for the entire day. And you can do it in several ways.

1) The easiest one is to inform them writing it down.
Some couples do this adding a short, sometimes fun, message to the invitation with a separate card.
Some write the information in their wedding programs.
Others – and this is the most common way – put a welcome sign before the entrance reminding guests an unplugged wedding is going to take place shortly.

2) The celebrant can announce it before the ceremony, encouraging people to switch off their phones and cameras and enjoy the celebration. Or if you have a wedding planner, she can do this for you immediately before the bridal party comes.

What do you think? Are you a #socialbride or an unplugged one?

If you need help managing your unplugged ceremony, contact me: we’ll find the way to make it memorable!

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