How to walk down the aisle like a princess

How to walk down the aisle like a princess

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Useful tips to walk comfortably down the aisle in your wedding dress

It’s your time in the spotlight and you deserve to enjoy the moment feeling relaxed and confident when you walk down the aisle. You’ve watched so many royal weddings on tv when graceful princesses have shown their noble aplomb: you have dreamt about your big day since then. Do you remember Kate?

Here are some great #tips to take on this challenge.

  • Feeling comfortable in your dress and in your shoes means performing a few tests to be ready for the big day, especially concerning high-heeled shoes: choosing a model similar to what you wear in your ordinary life of course will help, even because your feet should be comfortable in for the whole day.
  • Remember to enter the ceremony venue on the left side: this is a rule belonging to the “Galateo” for which a fiancé always stays on the left of her partner while a wife stays on the right – we will deeply talk about this in a future post.
  • Holding your bouquet at your waist making a diamond shape with your arms gives you a natural feeling – I always tell my brides to avoid holding flowers up near their chest as a microphone! Come on, it’s not cool.
  • Ask who is escorting you down the aisle to lock the arms with yours. This helps you feeling comfortable on the way to the altar.

Focusing on your posture and keeping a regular pace while you walk down the aisle will give you an enchanting look

  • Keep your shoulders down and back to get a good posture: you’ll look beautiful in your wedding gown! According to body language rules, this will also show how proud to get married you are, as on the contrary a hunched back could suggest.
  • Walk with a fluent and natural pace: keep the natural walk you always have, paying attention to the processional music and trying to match your walk to it.
  • Walk putting down your toe first and then the heel, avoiding to trip or slip. This could be not easy for those who are not used to wear high heels: that’s why it is so important to practice before the wedding day.
  • Your dress should hit your leg on each step before putting your foot down. This way you’ll never step on your dress.  Eventually ask your stylist to let your dress be hemmed a bit higher on the front.
  • Last but not least…Always smile!

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